Killer Burger (NE Portland, OR)

Posted: July 14, 2011 in B^4
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Killer Burger

(12/11 update: I visited Killer Burger again this past December on my yearly New Years pilgrimage. Not only was the burger just as amazing as last time, we were thrilled to learn that the Classic or PB burger are $4.95 with bottomless fries during happy hour. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Experience +1/3 letter grade!)

OK, so we’ve established that I like burgers, and if you’re reading this blog, I suspect you do, too. But where do you draw the line for burger toppings?

Dare I ask, peanut butter?

Well, I’d been in Portland on vacation for nearing a week at this point, and had failed to have a single burger yet (what a hack). After a last-minute overnighter up to Yakima, I vowed to right this wrong. So when I heard peanut butter + bacon + pickle + burger…well yeah I had to try it.

The Killer Burger restaurant itself is pretty small (I imagine not much more than 30 covers, if my overused memory serves me correctly), so be prepared for some noise and a wait. Our experience coincided with what we had read ahead of time – you may not get a table right after you order [at the counter], but by the time your food is ready, you’ll probably find a spot to snag.

Oh right, the food. Well fortunately, when I’m eating with Noah, he’s usually amenable to the get-two-things-and-each-eat-half. Sometime cutting a burger in half can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s worth it to try moar! As they say, moar because moar!

So we went for the Peanut Butter-Pickle-Bacon burger, as well as the Teemah burger, a bleu cheese option.

I’ll start with the Teemah. Yes, we made it a double burger, having just driven back from Yakima, WA, and having not eaten since much earlier in the day. Definitely a solid bleu cheese burger, definitely not skimping out on the cheese, and you know, Oregon bleu, can’t really go wrong. A solid option if you’re not feeling adventurous. But for me, it’s not the burger that I’ll find myself distinctly remembering down the road.

But the PB-P-B burger. Wow. Delicious. Yum. Nom.

Now just to clarify, it’s not strictly peanut butter, but a sauce that heavily features peanut butter, much like a dip for appetizers at Thai restaurants. But it really complimented the burger well. Picture a cheeseburger, but…creamier! And with bacon!

Noah commented that perhaps his portion of the burger had a bit too much peanut sauce, so perhaps it works best with that optimal amount. My guess is that I had just the right amount – not to nitpick, but maybe make sure it’s spread evenly. I could definitely see it being overpowering, or just not present enough.

Searching around the internet now, I see that the side of fries is bottomless. I didn’t notice that when we ate there, but bottomless fries are always a check in my book. And they tasted good, too.

OK so what’s the downside, you’re asking?

Heaviness. With peanut butter, bacon, special sauces, cheese, it really adds up fast. By the end of the meal, I was really struggling to finish because eventually it just becomes so much. So even though the burgers were great, but could I really see myself coming here all that often? Probably not. But it would be a great once-in-a-while sort of joint because it really is tasty!

One advantage about Portland is that there is no sales tax, so the price tag is always that much cheaper. A burger and fries here runs you about $10, and I promise, you’ll leave full. But maybe too full. Come with an empty stomach, and you’ll get to enjoy a killer burger.

And be adventurous. Get the PB-B-P burger. And if you do go there, let me know about the unlimited fries. I should be more observant :).

It’s burger time in Portland! We’re making another stop tomorrow!

The Last Bite:

Burger Rating: A-

Overall Experience (sides, service, cleanliness, price, etc.): A

Never stop nomming!

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