Violetta (SW Portland, OR)

Posted: July 15, 2011 in B^4
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So maybe it’s not the most flattering picture ever, but these things happen when you have a nice burger in front of you that is just asking to be chomped on!

Noah and I decided for an additional burger stop, we would head to Director’s Park to go to Violetta (same owners as the food cart Etta). Violetta is another order at the counter restaurant. You then have your choice of sitting inside, or moving outside to the cement park (with a glass cover overhead incase of rain). Being July, we opted for eating outside. Fortunately, they bring the food right to you, despite being mixed in with people from other surrounding restaurants which share the use of the outside tables.

The outside setting in the summer is very pleasant. There is something nice about eating downtown in an area that isn’t too overcrowded, but certainly “happening” enough! I didn’t mind the wind that kept blowing our napkins because it was really a beautiful day out. Did I mention that I just love Portland?

Again splitting two burgers, we went for the Oregon Blue Burger (pictured above), as well as the classic Violetta Burger (pictured below). We also got an order of fries, with herbed aioli.

The Oregon Blue Burger is up first. It had a great burger sauce that really complemented the blue cheese, and is what stood out the most to me. I wish I had gotten a side of that sauce for the fries! Because there was a sauce present, there was less cheese, which made for a burger that was much lighter than the previous night at Killer Burger. I will get this burger again when I return.

The second burger was the basic burger. It was pretty good! I personally enjoy butter lettuce on burgers, so I had no arguments there. Although you can’t really see them in the picture, the highlight was the “10-hour tomatoes”. There was a good 20 hours of deliciousness in them, though. Regrettably, there were only about three of them on the burger (cherry tomato sized). Otherwise, though, the burger wasn’t that memorable, though it sure tasted fresh!

But the stars of today’s show, fair readers, were the fries. I know they’re expensive, but they are everything a french fry should be. Don’t skip out on them. You get a choice of one sauce. We went for the herbed aioli, which was good. Next time I will go for the harissa ketchup.

In the end, a 1/3 lb. burger with fries comes out to about $10. But if you go for the half pound option, or get some dessert, or a local specialty drink, you’re looking at around the $15 mark (which is a bit expensive). If you’re looking for a bargain burger, I’d go elsewhere, but this is a nice lunch spot, especially on a warm summer day. 

The Last Bite:

Burger Rating: A-

Overall Experience (sides, service, cleanliness, price, etc.): B+

Keep on nomming!


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