Revealeth yourself, B^4!

A wise kitty once exclaimed:


Wiser words hath never been spoken.

Like many people of our great country, I have been chowing down on way too many burgers for as long as I can remember. Even as a preschool kid, when I was allergic to most food, including all wheat and dairy, I used to order hamburgers (sans bun and cheese). My parents would cut the burgers up into little pieces for me, and I’d dip them in ketchup. I guess you could say the burger has always been my favorite food, or at least one of them.

But I’m older now. My burgers are now piled high with melted cheese, sauteed onions, crispy bacon, ripe avocado, juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, and of course, a nice dollop of ketchup. Ever since my awesome dad took me to Val’s Burgers in Hayward, CA, I’ve been searching for a burger that can top the Papa Burger.

I don’t really follow food blogs, but my guess is that they are written by people who (claim to) know a lot about food. But I’ll be straight forward with you: I‘m not a chef, I’m not a food snob, and I certainly have limited culinary knowledge. But you know what? The same goes for a large part of America. Especially for the people who find themselves week after week opening wide for another juicy cheeseburger at their favorite joint.

So don’t expect my reviews to be filled with technical banter and culinary prowess. I’m here to document my experiences, and tell you what to expect. You’ll find that I tend to rate things pretty highly, as I really try to look for the good in every meal at every restaurant. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Speaking of ratings: at the end of each entry, The Last Bite will give you B^4’s Burger Rating, as well as a grade for overall experience. As a general guideline though, A = Great, B = Good, C = Acceptable, D = Not Good, F = Fail. Seriously, if I give your restaurant an F, you messed up big time (I’ll be surprised if I ever give out a D!)

I also try to give a price range for each spot. Many entries will have the price itself, if I remember to make a note of it, but all entries will be listed as cheap eats (under $12), not-as-cheap eats ($12-20), and bust out the 20-spot ($20+). Yes, a burger and fries at some places will go over $20.

Finally, I try my best to take a picture of every burger, and a highlight of the experience, if possible. As of Summer ’11, I finally got an iPhone, so except for the first few entries, the pictures should look halfway decent!

So, feel free to read along as I wolf down yet another burger. And of course, I’m always game to meet up for a meal, whether I’m in your neck of the woods, or you’re in mine. You know where to find me.

Never stop nomming!


PS: If you ever want to contribute to BBs Burger Blog, from the Bay Area, or from anywhere else, do let me know, and I’m sure we can work it out. This blog is meant to be fun, and I’d love for other to talk about their experiences too.


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